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Staff NameTitlePhoneE-mail
Staff NameTitlePhoneE-mail
 Social Studies Instructional Specialist 434-332-8264  
Albert, Karen Accounts Payable Clerk 434-332-8208 E-mail 
Arrington, Lisa Secretary / Secondary Education 434-332-8234 E-mail 
Arthur, Susan Payroll Manager / Financial System Analyst 434-332-8224 E-mail 
Barnett, Betty Secretary / Elementary Education 434-332-8230 E-mail 
Billings, Wendy Secretary / Pupil Personnel 434-332-8236 E-mail 
Bruhnsen, Gail Payroll Clerk 434-332-8220 E-mail 
Carlson, Karen Counselor Supervisor - Secondary 434-239-2636 E-mail 
Dobyns, Tracie Administrative Support Assistant / Instruction 434-332-8252 E-mail 
Elliott, Christin Secretary / Transportation 434-332-8204 E-mail 
Gage, Nena Secretary / Assessment 434-332-8233 E-mail 
Giordano, Holly Benefits Coordinator 434-332-8214 E-mail 
Hancock, Kimberly English Instructional Specialist 434-332-8225 E-mail 
Heatherley, Kim Administrative Clerk / School Records 434-332-8229 E-mail 
Henderson, Rae Instructional Technology Specialist 434-332-3458 x 8279 E-mail 
Hiner, Jan Nutrition Supervisor 434-332-8211 E-mail 
Hoden, Tim Director of Operations 434-332-8203 E-mail 
Hughes, Mary  Flex Benefits Coordinator 434-332-8215 E-mail 
Hunley, Amy Director of Personnel 434-332-8202 E-mail 
Inge, Kelcey Administrative Support Assistant / Personnel 434-332-8202 E-mail 
Johnson, Robert Superintendent of Schools 434-332-8246 E-mail 
Keesee, Robin Administrative Support Assistant / Student Services 434-332-8223 E-mail 
Martin, Gerin Early Childhood Coordinator 434-841-4014 E-mail 
Mason, Leigh Ann Elementary Supervisor 434-332-3458 x 254 E-mail 
Mays, Sandy Transportation 434-332-8205 E-mail 
McClanahan, Michelle Chief Financial Officer 434-332-8217 E-mail 
Moehlenkamp, Stephanie Counselor Supervisor - Elementary 434-332-5215 x368 E-mail 
Mullins, Hayley Special Education  434-332-8242 E-mail 
Nixon, Melissa Special Education Supervisor 434-332-8243 E-mail 
Patrick, Lani Science Instructional Specialist 434-332-3458 E-mail 
Pontius, Nick Director of Pupil Personnel 434-332-8231 E-mail 
Pribble, Kayla Budget Analyst 434-332-8216 E-mail 
Prince, Angela Account Technician / Federal Programs 434-332-8237 E-mail 
Rinella, James Director of Secondary Education 434-332-8240 E-mail 
Robertson, Sarah Director of Assessment 434-332-8213 E-mail 
Schmitt, Kelly Elementary Math Coach 434-332-8241 E-mail 
Sisk, Denton Director of Student Support Services 434-332-8228 E-mail 
Slusher, Mark Director of Instructional Technology 434-332-8250 E-mail 
Stanbery, Susan Math Instructional Specialist 434-332-8239 E-mail 
Stanley, Clayton Assistant Superintendent / Instruction 434-332-8253 E-mail 
St. John, Beth Payroll Clerk 434-332-8219 E-mail 
Thacker, Christi Finance 434-332-8255 E-mail 
Vance, Mary Beth Administrative Support Assistant / Superintendent 434-332-8245 E-mail 
Wallace, Ashley Director of Elementary Education 434-332-8227 E-mail 
Wilkinson, Elizabeth Secretary / Pupil Personnel 434-332-8235 E-mail 
Yuille, Patricia Receptionist 434-332-8221 E-mail 
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