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CCPS Students Attend Longwood University 2016 Student Citizenship Summit

posted Oct 3, 2016, 7:34 AM by Amy Abell   [ updated Oct 10, 2016, 6:29 AM ]

On Friday September 30th, 80 CCPS seniors were provided the opportunity to attend the Longwood University 2016 Student Citizen  Summit, in conjunction with the Vice Presidential debate being hosted at the University on October 4. Students and teachers participated in authentic political engagement during their all day visit, in addition to attending breakout sessions and various seminars that focused on active citizenship and the American democratic process.

Student responses when asked about their experience:

My experience at Longwood University was very memorable. The sessions my group and I attended were informative and eye-opening. I really enjoyed hearing about all of the tactics presidential candidates use to win voter support.  Also, visiting the Moton Museum was incredible. I enjoyed hearing about the history of the school and the town. Overall, the trip as a whole was a lot of fun and very informative.  Abigail Chewning RHS

After lunch we went to the Moton Museum, where we learned about the protest from the Prince Edward County Black High School. They protested education discrimination and were one of the five Brown v. Board of Education cases. This was my favorite part of the trip because it really spoke to me along with other students, especially with the racial tensions going on in America today.  Christian Jones RHS

We learned about a court case called Citizens United, which stated that big companies can put their money towards persuading the government. In the second session we were introduced to propaganda in elections. The professor explained the basic examples of propaganda. Next, we joined other groups.  We watched videos and had to decide which propaganda techniques we observed.  Caroline Moorefield RHS

The pre- election conference was a great eye opening experience.  During the day, I learned so much about how our government works and how it goes about doing certain things.  I really enjoyed the media and propaganda session. It was really cool to learn and point out all the persuasive techniques candidates use to get people to vote for them.  The best part of the day was going to the Moton museum. Seeing and hearing the conditions black Americans had to put up with was a humbling experience.  It really baffles me to understand how humanity is capable of being so ugly and unfair.  I am just so happy the kids at that school fought for what they knew they deserved.  It takes great courage to oppose the masses as they did.  Gabriel Dunaway RHS


What I really enjoyed about the Longwood trip was a building that we visited called the’’Moton’’. It had a lot to do with Civil Rights and after the schools were segregated they became integrated. We also got to meet and take pictures with people that started the Civil Rights movement. Schooling was so bad days it would rain they had to sit in the Moton and use umbrellas. Also one of the Ladies spoke on how she visited a white school, and it was so nice they had lockers and other normal things that schools should have. So it ended up being a court case so they could get a better school and a better education. Another thing I enjoyed was an opportunity to go to Longwood and see what a presidential debate is like. Also getting to see what the college is like and meet different people. Also we got to make videos and post them on a video website called ‘Splice’. On the videos we could be opinionated. Our partners would ask us different questions like, “What do you think about Hillary being president?  Do you think she will be a good president? Do you think she will change the world?”  But what I enjoyed most was getting to see how real life situations are, what happens and being able to act them out.  Jurnee Hamlett BHS

            The Longwood trip was a great experience for me. It was my second time visiting Longwood (previously for FBLA) and they again impressed me. I was able to sit in a class that spoke about candidate ads and how they can make impressions on viewers.  Also, the student council showed that republicans and democrats can work fine together even talk about political issues. The museum was the most interesting part as we actually got to meet people that were a part of a movement we had just studied in class.  Natalie Durham BHS


The panel of college students was the most informative. I asked them how being involved in college politics has differed from high school opinions. They told me that now they know how to back up their point of view. MJ Germeroth BHS