Medication Administration


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Parents are encouraged to schedule the time that their student receives medication so that it will be given at home.  However, in some instances, this is not always possible and for the welfare of the student, medication will be given at school.  All medication, whether prescription or non-prescription, is administered from the clinic.  An arrangement will be made with the student how and when they will receive the medication.  To receive medication at school you must have certain requirements met.  They are listed below:


·         A Medication Authorization form must be on file.  Forms are available in the clinic and must be filled out each year.

·         Medication must be labeled properly and sent to the school in the original prescription bottle with instruction on how to dispense.   If necessary ask the pharmacist to prepare a bottle for the school as well as one for home.  All over the counter medication must be new and in an unopened container, it must also have a Medication Authorization form filled out and signed by a parent or guardian to be given. 

·         When tablets must be divided, please ask our pharmacist to divide them so the proper dosage can be given.

·         A parent or another responsible adult should bring the medication to school.

·         Medication that has not been retrieved by parents by the end of school will be discarded.

·         A student may carry and take a self-administered medication as needed only if the Medication Authorization, Self-Administration Authorization, and the Individual Authorization Health Care plan forms are on file in the office.  These must be completed annually.

Whenever medication is discontinued you must send written instructions to the school.  Changes in dosage require a written order from the physician.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call the clinic.