Title I Parental Involvement Policy

Campbell County Public Schools

Policies on Parental Involvement

Title I

2017 - 2018


Parental Involvement Overview

 The Campbell County Public Schools are committed to encouraging parental involvement in the Title I program.


  • Campbell County Public Schools has established a District Title I Parent Advisory Council.


  •  The Parent Advisory Council meets four times a year and is comprised of one parent from each of the seven Title I schools. These members are involved in the planning, implementing and evaluating of the Campbell County Title I program.


  • The Parent Advisory Council acts as a liaison between parents, citizens and the Title I staff in promoting a better home-school relationship.


  • Each school has a Parent Advisory Council which meets throughout the year.


Distribution of Information

 Parents are given a “school-parent” compact outlining the school’s responsibility to provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment and ways in which parents will be responsible for supporting their children’s learning.


  • Newsletters providing information for parents on how to assist their children to improve their academic performance are sent regularly.


Parents as Partners

  • Throughout the year, teachers foster positive, open communication between parents by inviting them to visit in their child’s school, to observe Title I classes, and to participate in parent/teacher conferences.


  • An annual survey will be distributed to families to determine how to best support the needs of parents. Survey results will be utilized to guide the planning and implementing of parental involvement activities.


  • An annual parent meeting is held each year in which all parents of Title I students are invited and given an opportunity to discuss the program and activities provided by Title I funds.

 Curriculum and Instruction

 An Intervention Record is kept on each student receiving specific intervention instruction. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend parent-teacher conferences to discuss this record.


  • Parent trainings are focused on state curriculum and research based instructional practices.


 Parent Training

 Parent workshops/trainings are provided at the district level as well as the school level to aid parents in promoting the education of their children at home. Notifications may include school websites, newsletters, mailings, and notices sent home.


  • Materials to assist parents in improving their children’s academic achievement are provided at each workshop/ training.


  • Flexible times and topics for parent trainings /activities shall be offered as determined by parent surveys.


  The Campbell County Public Schools’ Title 1 staff believes that support from the home and community plays an important part in the achievement of children. Therefore, we strongly support the involvement of parents in education.


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